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The primary goal of the Shala Darpan portal is to provide the people of Rajasthan with all the information they require regarding government schools, employees, online applications, benefits, and other facts.

This article provides information on Shala Darpan Rajasthan, a unique website created by the Rajasthani state government to enhance our children’s whole educational experience.

Even if both the federal and state governments consistently take the required steps to raise education standards, much more has to be done to ensure that the future of our next generation is bright.

The article will also dispel misconceptions regarding the Shala Darpan Rajasthan’s numerous advantages. Also, we’ll go over the application process for the aforementioned jobs.

Applicants can also get an access to know more information like it’s features, student details, integrated shala darpan and more.

Please read this post till the end to know more about Shala Darpan Rajasthan and how can you be a part of it.

Rajasthan Shala Darpan

Before we update you with this, you need to know what all can you achieve using the Shala Darpan Portal. Well, the portal is made precisely for hundreds of students of the Rajasthan state who wish to grab all the necessary information regarding their respective schools.

But for that, you first need to visit the website and go for Shala Darpan login. Once your login is successful, you can find further details in tis regard.

The fundamental fact that you should be aware of is that the Shala Darpan webpage was primarily created for all of Rajasthan’s public schools. This indicates that parents can use this site to access all information on their children and schools.

Because of this, the Shala Darpan webpage is governed by the Rajasthan state government. Moreover, the Rajasthan Government Education Department is in charge of it.

You can always find the most useful information by visiting the shala darpan portal, including information about schools, teachers, school staff, and more. As you can see, there are numerous methods for parents to access the gateway above.

In short, if anyone likes to grab information related to government schools of Rajasthan, they need to visit the above portal that works precisely under the state government of Rajasthan.

Shala Darpan Rajasthan 2024 Apply Online @

This section is devoted to keeping you informed about the function of the shala darpan portal. Please take note that the government of Rajasthan created the aforementioned website solely to give parents access to all the information they want to find about schools while relaxing at home.

They no longer need to often visit schools in order to obtain such information. As you can see, this ensures that schools must implement systemic openness. Also, it will save time.

Shala Darpan Portal Features

Name of schemeShala Darpan Portal
BeneficiaryCitizens of Rajasthan
Launched ByState government of Rajasthan
ObjectiveProviding Information of Schools
Post CategoryScheme/Yojana
Developed bySchool education department, Rajasthan Council of School Education

List of Facilities available on Rajasthan Shala Darpan portal

If you wish to get more information about different facets of this portal, please go through the following:

  • View school report online
  • School search process
  • Scheme Search Process
  • Procedure for viewing staff report
  • Process of decoration
  • Staff login
  • Know Your School NICSD ID
  • Transfer schedule
  • Procedure to view staff report
  • Procedure to know staff details




The purpose of launching the Shala darpan Rajasthan portal is mainly to improve the quality of education system by taking everything online. Doing this enhances the transparency in the system as well as people’s trust. Please take a look below to find all the benefits of this web portal:

  • The shala darpan portal serves all the residents of Rajasthan
  • The portal has detailed information regarding the education of the state.
  • The database of all educational department is exclusively managed by the Shala darpan portal
  • Parents can easily check out the detailed information of the schools and their employees, attendance, application forms and much more
  • It saves time and effort

How to Login to Shala Darpan Portal?

For any information related to shala darpan portal, users need to first visit the website and login. Take a look below to find the steps to login.

  • Users first need to visit the official website and then the home page section
  • Click on the ‘Login’ option to open a new window
  • Fill all the details like your username, password, captcha
  • By clicking the login button, users can get all school related working the school mirror

Gyan Sankalp Portal

Once users tend to visit the shala darpan portal, they can also find the link to gyan sankalp portal.

  • Users can find links to Gyan Sankalp Portal. Here, there is a facility to donate
  • The above portal is used for collecting funds for schools
  • First, visit the Shala Darpan Portal and open the home page of the website to reach Gyan Sankapl Portal
  • Visit the Knowledge Resolution Portal (KRP). Using this link, you can make or arrange individual donations
  • Find School Mirror which is also a form of corporate donors
  • The above portal is designed to arrange funds for the schools

How to find all school information on Shala Darpan portal?

Shala Darpan portal is basically meant to serve the people of Rajasthan by providing all the necessary information related to the government schools, staff, online application, benefits and other details. Please find the below mentioned steps to know more about this.

  • First, visit the home page of the official website of Shala Darpan portal
  • Click on the option of ‘Citizen Window’ on the home page to open a new page
  • This page will give you all the information like Staff Reports, Students Reports, Search School and much more
  • Click on any specific link against which you like to get the information for

School mirror download format

If you wish to go for school mirror download format, then you need to go through the following steps:

  • Form 15 to get hold of the above program
  • Form 14 to obtain certificate under 80G by the school
  • School civil work and infrastructure form 12
  • School profile sheet 11
  • Student detailed statement covered under form 9
  • Student detailed additional information form 13
  • class wise entry of students form 5
  • Faculty wise selection of subjects form 6

Process to download Shala Darpan app

It always becomes convenient to use the app of the concerned portal. In the same ways, if you intend to use the Shala Darpan portal application, you will find everything to become easy to manage.

  • First, visit the ‘Google Play Store’ on your mobile phone
  • Click ‘School Mirror’ after you search for the same to open the list
  • Click on the option on the top of the list
  • Next, click on the install tab
  • It will open the Shala Darpan app for you

How to view the list of district-wise schools

Please follow the below mentioned steps to view the district wise list of schools:

  • First, visit the official website of Shala Darpan Rajasthan to open the home page
  • Click on the option ‘School Rajasthan’ on the home page
  • Select your ‘School Type’ in the new window to open the entire list of districts
  • Click on your own district to open the list of blocks
  • Select your own block to open the entire list of schools

Feedback Process

  • First, visit the official website of Shala Darpan Rajasthan to open the home page
  • Click on the option ‘Citizen Window’ on the home page
  • Next, click on the option from Session to Citizen on the new window
  • Fill all the relevant information like your name, mobile number, email address
  • Fill all the details on the space provided

How to view information under effort 2023

  • First, visit the official website of Shala Darpan Rajasthan to open the home page
  • Click on the option ‘Citizen Corner’ on the home page
  • Next, click on the option from Session to Citizen on the new window
  • Click on the option ‘Effort 2020’ on the home page
  • Clicking on the above link will open a question bank to help you prepare for your board exams and other things
  • You may also download the same

Contact Information

In case, you are facing any difficulty to use Shala Darpan Rajasthan portal in any way, you always have the option to contact Shala Darpan Rajasthan on the helpline number. You may also contact the authorities or email them at the below mentioned detail:

  • Email Id:,
  • Helpline Number: 01412711964, +911412700872

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